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Our company has been around since year 1832 -
From very beginning we always been manufacturing from natural materials - clean, living sheep's wool. With participation of Polish scientists, we developed organic products from "Green Power" line. These are multi-organic fertilizers - eco-active , plant fertilizer and 100% biodegradable nonwovens  (product in preparation). Be proud of us, the innovative on a European scale, Polish products. Brilliant in its simplicity, and environment friendly. Products which allow you to eat healthily and to live in harmony with nature.



What is ?

Brilliant in its simplicity, organic fertilizer - eco-active , created from biomass of Fabaceae smallseed plants, collected at their optimum stage of growth and then fractionated and grounded, clean, living sheep wool.

  • Contains a high dose of nutrients including natural occuring nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements.
  • Can be used in any time during the growing season.
  • Gradual release of nitrogen - up to six months.
  • Provides 89% of organic compounds enriching the soil humic.
  • Improves physical and chemical properties of the soil allowing the development of beneficial microorganisms.
  • Conditions of the air-water - improving water retention and soil sorption efficiency.
  • Reduces the side effects of fertilization
  • Improves soil structure favoring rooting plants.
  • Suitable for crops in the ground and under cover.
  • Excellent in organic farming, allotment gardens and home gardens.
  • It in IUNG registry number NE/324/2016 "for use in certified organic farms.".
  • Easy application due to the structure of dissolving granules.
  • Several years of research in field crops Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice prove faster growth and better yield.
  • Natural, gentle ingredients eliminate the risk of over-fertilization or overdose
<b>For Professionals</b>

For Professionals

Certified organic farms



Finally lush green!



Organic Healthy crops
from your own garden



Beauty of natural colors

<b>House and balcony</b>

House and balcony

Oasis of greenery around the house



Healthy organic herbs

The use of fertilizer - eco-activator

The fertilizer is intended for use in plant cultivation conducted in the outdoor ground and under cover. It is useful for any type of production, in particular for organic farming, integrated, allotment gardens, home gardens and crops on balcony.
Fertilan is intended for use before vegetation and as plant fertilizer during the growing season.

Fertilizer is to be scattered evenly around the plants or on the surface of the ground before sowing or planting and mix it with the top layer of soil using the tools available for cultivation. In cultivation in pot plants, fertilizer should be mixed with the substrate in the amount of 4-5 kg / m3, add the ground to the pots or balcony boxes, plant and then water the plants.


The nutritional requirements of crops*


Small - eg. Beans, peas, radishes, kohlrabi

150g - 300g/ m2

Medium - eg. An early crop of cabbage, beans, garlic, lettuce, cucumber, onion, carrot early, tomato, parsley

200g - 400g/ m2

High - celery, late cabbage, cauliflower, squash, brussels sprouts, corn, carrots for a late set of

300g - 450g/ m2


* The amount of fertilizer dose depends on the needs of food for the crops and soil fertility.


The content of the ingredients * **

% of Dry matter

Content of the macro-ingredients in g/kg

Dry matter content
of the mg/kg of dry matter






















* The content of minerals are subject to natural changes. Their values may differ from those listed.

** Based on the test reports in ZUiNRW Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice.


1. The opinion of the authorized units, ie. The Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice and following consultation with the project instructions for use.
2. The opinion of the National Veterinary Institute - in fulfillment of the organic fertilizer veterinary requirements and following consultation with the project instructions for use.
3. The opinion of the Institute of Rural Medicine in terms of impact of fertilizer on human health, following consultation with the project instructions for use.
4. The opinion of the National Veterinary Institute - of the impact of fertilizer on animal health following consultation with the project instructions for use.
5. Opinion Institute of Environmental Protection - in terms of impact of fertilizer on the environment and following consultation with the project instructions for use.
6. Opinion of the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation - of the usefulness of fertilizer for use in field crops with the project following consultation with the instructions for use.

Agricultural practice

Agricultural Practice has shown that rational fertilization must be based on knowledge about the soil and its the necessary nutrients that affect the rational development of crops, as well as it's physicochemical properties. Of all fertilizers, nitrogen fertilizers in the main extent affect the high yielding crops. A lack of nitrogen in the soil results in inhibition of plant growth and precocious puberty. Nitrogen was introduced into the soil is taken by the plants and partly by soil microorganisms. Small amounts of nitrogen - especially during heavy rainfall - washed out from the soil, cause pollution of surface and ground water.It is obvious that mineral fertilizers is a factor in the growth and yield of plants, but their use is the cause of reducing decay, deterioration in the structure, environmental pollution, and water and soil deterioration of physico-chemical properties.Nowadays, it is particularly worrying increase in the nitrogen content of the surface waters and groundwater. The limitation of this negative phenomenon are the EU Directives; Nitrate and Water, which impose certain obligations on farmers.The increase in the content of organic matter in the soil improves its structure, increases water capacity and resistance to erosion and prevents leaching of nutrients from the profile of soil profile and to prevent negative effects on the environment.

For the environment

Environmental benefits - Layman report.


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